I try new makeup all the time! I really enjoy testing out new products and finding the "winners". However, not all products are blog worthy. These items are ones I've been using for years and I have re-bought them time and time again. They are the products I most highly recommend.



First and foremost, I want to start with Hoola. This is a bronzer I've used since high school and continue to love. Some of my favorite things about it are that it's matte, it looks good in both summer and winter & it never looks too orange like some other bronzers.


Translucent loose powder

Laura Mercier makes some amazing products and her translucent powder is one I have re-purchased every time I've run out. The great thing about that is, it seriously lasts me about 6 months, SCORE! This product is great for "baking" your under eyes, but I use it daily on top of my foundation to set my makeup.



Can you tell I love this next product? I take it everywhere with me, so please don't mind how banged up it is. RMS makes a concealer that I just can't get enough of. This concealer is my everyday concealer. It's light coverage, and goes on extremely smooth. Please note: when I go out I usually use a fuller coverage concealer. If you're looking for a super natural look, this one is perfect for you.



I am super picky when it comes to mascara, and wow have I tried a ton of products. I have two top favorites, and as of late this one is winning. I have a lot of eyelashes, but they are light and fine. What I look for in a mascara is both volume and length. When I use this mascara I don't need to curl my lashes or anything, just apply and head out!

P.S. I also love that it doesn't leave marks on my upper lid or flake!



This Nars blush in the color Sin is another that goes everywhere with me. I love how natural it looks on, and blends right in with my bronzer. It definitely warms my face up as I typically go for a more bronzed look.