I'll be the first to admit, keeping up with the Jones' is just not attainable here in the Bay Area. There will always be someone who has a lot more than I, something shinier & living a fabulous life.


When it comes to clothes, I have no shame in admitting (and sometimes professing) my favorite bargain finds. We all can benefit from saving money here and there. Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx anyone?! When I find an amazing item and it's on sale it's like hitting the jackpot. I'm sure you've had those moments too. As I type this I'm having flashbacks of childhood memories. Me, giving my super fabulous aunt a compliment on her outfit. Her response, "see these shoes $3, my skirt was $8, my blouse $5, AND this coat.. it retailed for $250 and I got it at good will for $12!!". Bargain hunting skills must run in our blood. A good find is a good find. 



When I saw this awesome sweater at Nordstrom Rack I immediately thought, I love it- it's the perfect color for me. Then quickly that thought went to, Shit! it's XXX brand. It's going to be pricey. 

I used to buy tons of stuff that I got great deals on, but would likely not wear them. I loved a deal, but wasn't strategic with my shopping. Like, although this was cheap, did I actually need another black tank top? Now I go by a few rules. If the item you want passes the test, I allow myself to buy it.


Question 1 I ask myself: will I love this next year at this time

Question 2: if I asked my best friend is it worth the $$, would she say yes? (Ps. If you often shop with a friend I have a fun game for you to play. Try on the item you love. Walk out and say, I want this. What should the Max be. Let's say you're friend says $70. If it's under 70, you think about getting it. If it's over, you have to say sayonara to it.

Question 3: will it be a great addition to your closet? ( do you already own something super similar to this?).

Question 4: (I ask this question if it's super expensive and not on sale)if I love it now I will love it in a week. Walk away and see if you still are thinking about it in a week, come back then to get it.


Now that I've gone off on my shopping strategy, i'll bring the focus back on this sweater. Not only answered all of these questions, I knew it was funky and unlike anything I've seen trending lately. I decided I needed it, and took some things I didn't absolutely love out of my cart. I purchased it and have loved it ever since. I especially love how funky it can make an otherwise boring outfit.