today i turn thirty and it’s not as scary as i imagined it may be. i’ve learned a lot (especially over the last few years) and i wanted to share 30 really important things i’ve learned in my 30 years:

  • loving yourself is the most important thing, learning to truly love yourself takes time and you should constantly be working on it.

  • listening to podcasts frequently is great for constant passive learning, when you’re grocery shopping, sitting in an uber, walking to work, etc. it’s really helped me stay motivated.

  • making time for your workouts should be a priority- if you put others time before “me time” it will hurt you in the long run. working out helps clear my mind, keep me energized and de-stressed.

  • family first. as i’ve gotten older my family has become even more important to me. prioritizing them is more important than ever, seeing my little nieces grow in to silly, independent & loving girls is just the absolute best.

  • saying no to things i don’t want to do is hard, but really important. when i was younger, i was more of a people pleaser and wanted to say yes to everything. i’m learning to politely decline things that drain me or don’t fill me up!

  • life’s too short to always be on a diet. diets don't work long term. learn how to have a healthy relationship with food by not restricting, bingeing or judging yourself. if you need help in this area, seek out a coach!

  • don’t make time for people who don’t make you feel good about yourself or don’t bring value in to your life. there’s no time for fake friends.

  • being single is better than being in a so-so relationship. it’s ok to wait for one that feels out of this world amazing.

  • the more you listen, the more you learn.

  • being open about your emotions is a strength, not a weakness.

  • owning up to your insecurities and working on them head-on is vital to your personal growth and happiness.

  • people will judge and hate on you, hear them, but don’t believe or automatically agree with them. more people in this world project their insecurities than there are secure people.

  • sharing your heart with someone is hard, but it’s always worth it even if it doesn’t work out in the end.

  • book the trip, take the vacation!

  • being a workaholic is your own fault- learning to have boundaries is a huge strength that many people never master.

  • some of the wealthiest people in the world are people who’d you never guess are. they don’t drive the fanciest car, have the nicest purse or the most extravagant bling- they’ve learned that money doesn’t buy happiness & when you flash your money you get the wrong attention. always strive for reaching big goals, but don’t do it for the fancy things.

  • try therapy at least once. you may discover you’re holding on to things that are negatively effecting your life that you never would’ve discovered on your own.

  • if you hate your job, make a change. spruce up your resume, go to workshops, read books, network and work towards making a change.

  • spend money on your skin while you’re young- you won’t regret it.

  • find a mentor or someone you look up to and really try to network.

  • if you get negative feedback at work, don’t go on the defense right away. hear the feedback, think about it, talk to someone you respect about it and then go back to the person who gave you the feedback to discuss. taking that time and not being reactive has really helped me grow.

  • do what makes you feel good. if you love to sing, sing! if you love to blog, blog! everyone will have an opinion on what you do, but doing what you love will really light you up inside!

  • learn how to be wrong. no one loves someone who always has to be right or always has to say the last word. this takes some time to master, but there’s serious maturity and strength in letting others be right or admitting when you’re wrong.

  • if your gut is telling you the relationship isn’t right for you, listen to your gut.

  • be responsible, but also have some fun. life’s too short to say no and not go to that concert you really want to go to on a random tuesday night.

  • support your friends. be there when they need to vent and cry. also be there when they need someone to celebrate a big win with.

  • take care of your damn self. don’t put off on going to the doctors, dentist, chiropractor, or whatever else it is you need to do.

  • make people feel good about themselves. if you see it, say it. if you love someone’s haircut, tell them! if you love someone’s top, tell them! even the littlest compliment can make someones day.

  • go on a road trip with a friend at least once a year. there’s bonding that goes down when you’re stuck in a car with someone for 6 hours- that is next level bonding. also, pro tip always be sure to stop at in-n-out and sing at the top of your lungs to spice girls!

  • don’t lose yourself in a relationship. make sure you still hang out with your friends, do things alone and be sure compromises come from both partners not just you.

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this is 30 via Thea
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