via Thea: Prose custom hair care

i’ve talked to you guys about my favorite new haircare a few months ago and I want to go in to a bit more detail of why out of all the products i the world i’ve been choosing prose.

the ingredients they use are highly researched and blended specifically to YOUR hair needs. Meaning, the products shipped to you fully depend on the survey you fill out which is a full consultation asking everything about your hair (texture, type), where you live & what you’re looking to achieve with the formula. From there, the suggested products are made JUST FOR YOU with your name on them.

Due to the sourcing and research cost, quality of natural active ingredients and customization this is definitely a luxury clean hair product line. Some of your key ingredients, which are highly concentrated in my particular prose products include:

via Thea: Prose custom hair care

hyaluronic acid:

  • hylauronic acid is most often found in skincare products, but can also be used in haircare. this ingredient is used as a moisturizer in the prose product line. you likely won't find it in run of the mill hair care products, since it can be pricey and hard to source so it’s extra special to this line.


  • This ingredient is known for its hair growth properties because of its ability to stimulate hair bulb activity. Your girl has been trying to grow her hair for a while and I feel like this ingredient has been really helpful!

ingredients you WON’T find:

  • NO sulfate, parabens, phthalates, or mineral oil. aka, no junk!

optional customization perks:

  • any items you can make vegan, gluten-free, silicone-free, fragrance free, dye free. i love that you get to choose what products work for you- this is the only line on the market like this at the time.

via Thea: Prose custom hair care


  • PRE-SHAMPOO MASK: [The first step in your routine]

    • while it should offer hydration, this is not a traditional deep conditioning product. the pre-shampoo mask opens your hair's cuticle, and allows the natural active ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner to penetrate more deeply.

    • some people will receive scalp masks, some receive masks that should be applied from hair shaft to ends; our products are so custom, so it really depends on your consultation results, hair goals and needs. when you get your products- there will be a guide for how much of each product you need.

      • my mask is designed for use on wet hair, on mid-shaft to ends, avoiding roots


    • the line I got was made fresh just for my hair goals. i want smooth, full, and hydrated hair. my hair can get dry or dull from all the color & heat damage- so i really love that this line helps with MY hair goals.


  • For the skeptical, we are 100% satisfaction guarantee for all customers. If someone is not loving their products, they can let us know and our chemists can look into their products so that we can reformulate and improve.

via Thea: Prose custom hair care
via Thea: Prose custom hair care
via Thea: Prose custom hair care