via Thea: Holiday Boot Guide

these boots are made for walkin’ and that's just what these black suede boots will do! i can’t get enough of a great pair of boots. i’m a boot girl and i have absolutely no shame in my game. i have quite the collection of beautiful, affordable and most importantly comfortable boots. there’s nothing like the perfect pair and i’m here today to encourage you to get yourself the perfect pair for you. there are some important things to think of before purchasing. be sure before you shop for your next boot to read these tips and then pick your favorite that checks all the boxes.

  • will they go with enough outfits?

    be sure if you’re buying a pair, that they are actually something you’ll get use out of. i personally choose to buy black, brown or tan boots so they go with the most outfits

  • buy a pair that is comfortable!

    before you buy them, try them on. if you’re an online shopper like me, then i can’t tell you how important it is to read the reviews. really read up on the fit and the comfortability of the shoe.

  • don’t always go for the cheapest pair.

    i am a bargain hunter FO SHO, but it’s really important to think about the quality of the shoe. if you have sensitive, blister prone feet like me, then spend the extra money for a quality shoe that will last. i’ll be sure to link some of my favorites for you.

  • type of boot

    what type of boot will you get the most use out of? an over the knee boot like mine? maybe an ankle bootie or a riding boot? be sure the boot you buy fits your wardrobes needs.

that’s a wrap. i’ll be linking the boot brands i love and have my stamp of approval for you all below. keep in mind my pro tip, always check online for a coupon before you checkout. i use honey at checkout and nine times out of tend they find me a discount!

via Thea: Holiday Boot Guide
via Thea: Holiday Boot Guide
via Thea: Holiday Boot Guide
via Thea: Holiday Boot Guide
via Thea: Holiday Boot Guide





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