You may have seen over the last few weeks that I've "checked in" to SoulCycle & while it's a bit out of my normal routine, I want to chat in a bit more detail about my experience.

Let's first address the elephant in the room. $30 for a spin class is ridiculous, like really ridiculous. Now that that's been addressed we can get to the nitty gritty.

I have found over the last 8 years of being engrossed in fitness that many people who are in to fitness are the most picky and judgmental people around in regards to what kind of training is best. The people who don't love to workout hard love barre, the hippie vegans love their flow classes, skinny people who used to play sports love to run, people who hate lifting love to cycle, and gym rats love to lift. Well all these assumptions are quite close minded, and in my opinion BS. All types of people like different types of exercise for different reasons. Most people have a bit of crossover and like a few different types of workouts, but what I've come to find is that most people find that one activity they love and they do a lot of it. 

I think people love to hate SoulCycle, they love to hate Crossfit, and the list goes on.

1. Paying for workouts
I luckily don't lack the motivation to workout, but many do. Paying for a class likely ensures your commitment to showing up. Once your there, having guidance and an instructor guarantees you get more bang for your buck than just showing up to a gym and hopping on an elliptical. It's also nice to do something nice for yourself every once in a while giving back to your body. From a budget perspective, I don't mind spending the money on fitness. Fitness is the one non-negotiable for me, did you read about my musties or listen to my musties

2. From an exercise physiology perspective 
Many people in fitness are up in arms over the fact that SoulCycle is more choreographed and less about the actual cycle. People say it's a bit "dancey" and also way too "fake" for them. In every single class I've taken the instructors focus on proper set up, form, and let you know modifications. I also love the dancey feel, it makes the class more fun!

3. Dark rooms, loud music, too hot 
Yes. The rooms are dark, loud, and warm. I don't mind it. I think that's my favorite part. I am 100% in the zone & the music is so loud I don't have the distractions of my own head saying "I can't". It is quite warm, but this is to ensure you get warm fast and stay warm, remember the class is only 45 minutes. 

4. Not that different from other spin classes
Well, it actually is a whole lot different. I honestly don't enjoy spin nearly as much when I go to a class at Crunch or 24 hour fitness. I love the dark rooms, loud music, motivating instructors, and riding to the beat. That doesn't exist at many other spin studios. I leave here seriously pumped on life. 

5. Not something you can do everyday
True. I don't go to SoulCycle everyday. Lately, I have been going more often due to being away from home & the gym I belong to. To ensure I get my workouts in while not staying at home I have been running, doing home workouts, and going to SoulCycle. 

Not sure if this will inspire you to try a class, but I'm hoping this will open your mind to why people might take SoulCycle. If you put down your guard for a second, you mind discover something you really enjoy!