I have enjoyed reading up on some of my favorite bloggers social media posts on how much they spend on their beauty services and which they prioritize. Let's face it, we ALL have a routine. Some may spend less & others spend more, but everyone spends on maintenance. It's usually fun, we enjoy the pampering, and we love to feel great about ourselves. However, it can get super pricey. I like to splurge on certain things, and save on others. Here's my current beauty breakdown.


SPLURGE: Hair color

I spend more than I like to admit on hair color. To me this is my biggest spend. I was tired of hating my hair and having to spend a lot getting it done every 6 weeks, so after doing some research I found a solution. I found someone amazing and get my hair done less often (2-3x a year instead of going 6-8x a year which meant getting it done every 6-8 weeks). After doing the math I spend about the same, but now I LOVE my hair and before I was impartial to it. I see Johnny Ramirez from Ramirez|Tran Salon. He is the King of Color and I suggest EVERYONE see him once in their life.

SAVE: Eyebrows

I don't get my eyebrows done as often as I used to. I can't believe salons in SF can charge as much as they do. Instead of going every 2 weeks, I go every 4-6. In between going, I pluck and trim at my house. This saves me a lot :)

SPEND: Haircuts

Hair is everything to me. As I mentioned earlier, I have gotten so many bad dye jobs and cuts I don't mind spending on amazing color or cuts. I see Buddy Porter from Meche Salon. He is a sweetheart and amazing at what he does. It doesn't hurt that he has a rolodex of celebrity clientele, if they trust him with their hair I do too.

SAVE and SPEND: Spray Tans

I LOVE a good spray tan, but I only get them for special occasions. I have girlfriends who love getting them regularly and I don't blame them. It's just not a must for me. I have used some great self-tanning products that keep me a decent color year round. My favorite is St. Tropez bronzing mousse. Make sure you wear a glove with this one. I also really like this lotion.

SPEND: Gel Manicure's

I am someone who just loves having my nails done. I don't know why, but I love a gel manicure. I think this started when I was a personal trainer. Wearing workout clothes all the time sometimes made me feel less feminine, so I made sure to always have my nails done. I don't mind spending the money as this is a little "me time" I look forward to.

SAVE: Waxing

OK. This one depends on the person FOR SURE. I don't mind going to the cheaper salon I've been going to for years. There are other salons that cost 2-3x the price, that I personally am not willing to go broke over.

SAVE  and SPEND: Blowouts

I love a good blowout. I am VERY particular with what I like, but every time I tell drybar exactly what I'm looking for they deliver! I splurge a little on this as it is $65 a month for 2 blowouts. With this, I can get a 20% discount on everything in store & I can also gift blowouts to friend. However, I've been practicing giving myself home blowouts and I am getting pretty good, almost ready to make this one a SAVE.

SAVE: Massages

I don't get frequent massages. Since I workout a ton, I do sometimes feel like I need to get a massage. I make this happen on a budget by going to an affordable foot spa down the street. It's way more affordable than a nice spa and another bonus is I can usually just walk in when I feel like I need a massage.

SAVE: Facials

I love a good facial, but I don't frequent to the esthetician. I try to go 2x a year, rather than a monthly visit. Over time, this may change.

I'd love to hear where you spend and save, please share!

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