By now all my clients know this, and most of my friends. Today in this post, I will share my outlook with the rest of you on getting mentally fit and staying fit. I have this theory that without 4 things working in unison, I simply can't live a balanced fit life. Once these 4 things are on track, the rest of my life tends to fall right in to place.

What are the 4 things? 

1. Me time:
I know myself well enough to make sure I carve out some "me time" in every week. This is a night in, with absolutely no plans. I may stay in and read, research workouts/nutrition, listen to music, write on my blog, go on a walk, chill at a coffee shop, or do whatever else my mind wanders in to doing. The reason this is so important to me (and should be for you) is because when you are always pleasing people, doing things for others, working long hours, being a good friend IT IS REALLY hard to remember to simply do YOU. Do the things you want without commitment to others for a night.

2. Workout
I need to make sure each week I hit my goal for working out. My goal ranges from as little as 4x a week to my crazier 6x a week with double days (depending on the week, and what I am trying to accomplish). It is important for me to make time for my own workouts since a lot of my time is spent programming other people's.

3. Sleep
If I am not getting 6-8 hours of sleep it truly effects my work, my relationships, my mood, my eating, and my energy. I don't always hit my goal, but this is something I am working on prioritizing.

4. Nutrition
It is key for me to eat clean 80-90% of my week. For me my energy is better,
my mood is better, and I truly enjoy healthy eats. For others, eating 1 or 2 healthier meals during the week may be a better goal. Find what works for you!

Why these 4?
All these things working in unison make me a balanced happy me. I've noticed if I am doing all of these things, I am usually a better friend, worker, more energetic in my workouts, and overall a happier person.
Sometimes when I don't focus on these 4 things I feel like something is missing, so I go fill that "emptiness" with shopping, or complaining, or eating, etc. It's taken me years to figure out that it's easy. All I need are these and the rest will come!

Try spending more time on yourself, and working on getting a bit more balance in your life by getting these 4 things on track.