Success is defined as "the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame." It's a funny definition, because I totally disagree that success is defined by just those things. 

In my opinion each persons idea of success is much different. Wealth to me may mean $75,000 and wealth to another person might mean $500,000. I've thought a lot about what success means to me over the last few weeks and I've decided it's totally subjective. 

Personally, success isn't just financially driven. It means I am able to live a comfortable life making enough money to 

  • have spending cash to do the simple things I love like buying coffee in the morning, eating out every now and then, affording a gym membership.
  • travel to a new place twice a year (and splurge while I'm there)
  • pay for rent and bills 
  • have a growing savings, and retirement account
  • enjoy my free time after work and am able to workout, not take my workload home or stress home
  • have time to take up new hobbies
  • don't resent going to work every day 
I don't personally think being rich would necessarily make me that much happier than making enough to just do what I love and enjoy life. 

I don't think success is working 80 hours a week with no time to see your friends and family. Yes, you may have a great job title; are you truly living if you don't have the time or energy to enjoy? A happy balanced life doesn't mean making X amount of dollars or having a certain car. Once you find what success looks like to you and what your goals are I think you'll change the way you approach life. Now I ask you, what does a successful life look like to you? What does your day look like? I'm curious! Please share.