Healthy is the new skinny. Rocking my favorite sweatshirt today and feeling like I need to write a little more about what it means to me. 
The reason I am posting this to social media, is because I think women need to hear this. We have become so caught up with what the media thinks is beautiful (myself included). Most girls I know either don't eat gluten, or don't eat carbs, are on a meal plan, count their calories, or are trying some new diet. I am not here to bash any diet or tell you what is right or wrong for your personal lifestyle. I am, however, here to tell you that being healthy doesn't always mean being skinny or having defined muscles. Even a lot of the fitness models you follow on Instagram have disordered eating habits (I know because I used to be one of them). It's time to spend some time on learning to find what works for you. Find a workout, diet, and lifestyle that is balanced and manageable for YOU. Not for your girlfriend or your sisters mom, find a routine that works for you and fond one you like! There is no one size fits all to anything in life. Find your own happy, healthy, & balanced life.
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