I am frequently asked where I get my hair cut and colored. People stop me on the street to ask me. Most people say "I can't find someone who does great color in SF". I have personally tried a ton of different colorists and to be honest haven't fallen in love with my hair after leaving the salon. People either made the ombre way too drastic where they died my roots a dark brown and bleached my tips. Others did it and it ended up super BRASSY (which I can't stand). I've also gone places where they make sure to tone it so it is more ASHY, but over time it would oxidize in the sun and change colors. I was going to the hair salon every six weeks and spending around $200 each time coming out of the salon not even liking what I just spent a fortune on.

One of my clients I do styling for was having similar experiences at SF salons, so I suggested she go to LA to get her hair done by one of the best. We ended up going together and she insisted I try them out. We went to Ramirez|Tran Salon in Beverly Hills while on a girls trip. Ever since we went there and got the best haircut and color of my life, I am hooked. 

The process took about 7 hours, and no I am not exaggerating. They really put in work, and make sure your hair is the perfect color. Johnny Ramirez is the hair color god and Anh Co Tran is the hair cutting god. Both guys are super awesome, and the best of the best. Their clientele include Jessica Alba, Faith Hill, Anne Hathaway, Ginnifer Goodwin, Alessandra Ambrosia, Gwenyth Paltrow, Selma Blair, Whitney Port, and Victoria Beckham (to name a few). This is the most expensive haircut and color I've ever gotten, which totaled to about $600. The thing is you only need to go every 6 months. When you add up the total of this celebrity cut and color, it actually is CHEAPER than getting my hair done in SF every 6 weeks. It also looks 300x better. The best part about the whole thing, is they now come to SF every few months!

If you have been wanting a change in your hair cut or color I couldn't recommend Ramirez|Tran more highly. You will LOVE your hair. Hurry & book this week, because they still have openings in SF!

Here's some press articles if you aren't sold yet Refinery29, NYMag, Vogue, & The Coveteur.

Check out their pics on Instagram @johnnyramirez1 @anhcotran @ramireztransalon