Yesterday we got a crew together to raise money for the ALC LifeCycle Ride. Here was our amazing workout.

1. Cardio
12 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
10 squats 
10 pushups 
10 sit-ups 
1 hill sprint (~75 meters)

2. Strength (complete all 3 for 45 sec, next round for 35 sec, the last round for 25 sec)
Pike pushup
Plank walk out with shoulder tap
Half burpee

Reverse crunch
Bicycle crunch
Toe touches (legs in air)

Reverse lunges 
Sumo squat
Pop squats 

3. Challenge
One partner works while the other rests
3 rounds 30 seconds each partner
A) 3 Side shuffle each direction with a full burpee 
B) plank jack with knee tuck

Have fun!