I am obsessed with hair. This isn't news to anyone. I haven't shared my hair routine for summer, so I thought I would tell you my product obsessions.

I have been using Biolage for my shampoo and conditioner the last few weeks. I really like it! After my hair is towel dried I mix in the palm of my hand Hot Toddy & Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil. I put both of those starting on the tips of my hair and work them throughout. After that I put some Sachajuan Styling Cream in my hair. From here I either do nothing and let my hair dry naturally, or I blow it dry. After I blow dry I usually curl my hair. I love the Money Maker flexible hair spray to finish my look. If I want a messier look I will spray in some Hair Play for texture. Lastly, if I want my curls to hold for days I will just touch up the front and spray some dry shampoo in my hair (Detox). 

You don't need to use these products, but they are what have been working best for me to keep my summer curls lasting! 

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