I could talk about clothes for days. Every season there are many new styles, trends, designers, and amazing sales. The reason I want to talk about clothes today is simple, your clothes can change the way you feel about yourself. A great outfit can make you feel strong, empowered, sexy, cute, or chic. A bad outfit can make you feel lazy, tired, quirky, or fat. 

When it comes to finding yourself--finding your style is important. More importantly finding your style without breaking the bank. 

I have been a personal stylist for quite a while now. I never realized how easy shopping, styling, and putting a look together was for me until I met numerous people who have issues with it. There are some simple key tips I have to getting you on the right track.

1. Get clothes that fit (including your bras):

If you are a size 26, but the jeans you want that make your butt look amazing are a size 27... Get over yourself and buy the 27. Designers sizing doesn't stay consistent across the board, so buy items that fit. Get sized for your bras, buy jeans that don't make you have a muffin top, and blouses that don't pop open in the front. When items fit you have the chance to show your figure.

2. Shop with someone brutally honest:

I shop with girls who will tell me a few things straight up. A. Is it too pricey? B. Does it fit right? C. Will I wear this enough? D. Do I have something like this already? E. Will this go out of style too fast?

If you answer yes to any of these then it's a NO-GO! 

3. You can never go wrong with simple:

Jeans, a tank, cute shoes, and a sweater can be cute and classy. Find your "go to" look that you can get up and go knowing it is stylist approved! My clients favorite is black booties, skinny jeans, a black/white tank, and a chunky sweater. Find what is cute/comfy for you! Getting ready doesn't have to take hours.

4. Spend good money on the essentials:

Don't go cheap on these items: Great fitting jeans, the perfect white tee, black boots, nude sandals, a leather jacket, and a Little Black Dress. You need those everyday items you know you will wear and get your money's worth! 

5. Take 1 risk at a time: 

Have one item in your outfit POP. Don't have red shoes, a purple sweater, and pink pants. Pick one item in your outfit to be the statement piece! Too many statement pieces is a NO-NO! 

6. Learn how to do your hair:

Do you wear your hair in the same ponytail everyday? Even worse, do you go to work with wet hair?  Have your hairstylist teach you a few tricks, or do what I do and YouTube hair tutorial videos. You can learn really quick, easy, and cute ways to do your hair. Show up with some pzazz.

7. & your makeup:

Learn how to do your makeup. Once again YouTube has great tutorials, but also going in to BeneFit is also amazing. This doesn't mean you need to cake your face on everyday, but find some simple day makeup looks & a night look! 

8. Shop for your body 

Mary Kate & Ashley's flat chested petite frames look amazing in boho low cut clothes. My 5'9 athletic/curvy frame looks like a streetwalker in the same outfit. It's time to learn how to style your big bust, small chest, wide hips, or bubble butt. Find what clothes flatter your figure. I recommend googling your body type and moving foward from there. Sorry gals you might need to throw out cute clothes if they don't flatter you! 

9. Buy yourself something nice each month

We all work too hard to not buy ourselves a little treat each month. Keep your eye on your favorite lip color, pair of shoes, or fall sweater. At the end of the month #treatyourself! 

10. Don't be afraid to dress sexy (not hoochie)

Last but not least, learn how to dress sexy. When you aren't comfortable in your skin it's hard to "feel sexy", but when you find the perfect outfit things might take a turn for you. Grab your most stylish friend to help you find a super cute and sexy outfit. Sexy doesn't mean hoochie; find something tight fitting or lacy! 

I hope these tips help you Gals. Now get to shopping!