The more women I meet, the more I notice how crazy each of our lives are. We're all just trying to run the world ... working long hours, making time for relationships, social events, reading, having "me time."  And all the while, trying to have a nice butt & flat stomach. Being a woman is not easy. My answer, speaking as a "real girl" is that you cannot always balance your life!  You can't control every part of every day. Sometimes, you have to loosen up and go with the flow. Some nights, you might not get enough sleep.  Other days, you might have less time to workout.  It's all OK.

My favorite part about finding balance is understanding that there is no such thing. It's not something you find and keep forever. Parts of your life will feel more balanced than others; life is dynamic and always changing.  My tip: Find and stick with a routine that works for you, but also allow yourself to deviate from time to time (it's inevitable).

Personally, I have gone through so many "extremes" in my life. I'm finally in a place where I feel quite balanced (meaning perfectly imbalanced). I went from obsessing over food, workouts, and trying to be stick thin that I put my social life, friends, and mental health on the back burner. I reached my aesthetic goals, but forgot about all the other things I value in life. Now - I continue to workout like a maniac and eat healthy, but allow myself to deviate from my plan. I value travel now, make time for dates, go to fun events with friends, and make sure to enjoy some delish fro-yo from time to time. 

Find what works for you, ladies. Once you do, your whole life will change.