As the clock strikes midnight we will ring in the new year. I experienced so much this year and through all the travels, challenges, and relationships I've learned that I felt more empowered this year than ever before. While juggling all these things I realized my life has never had such a healthy and happy balance. There has never been a point in my life like there is right now. 

In 2013 I began to feel comfortable and more confident at work. I worked my butt off and got a few promotions. I became extremely involved and almost overly committed to my job in the start of 2013. Over the year I realized how to set boundaries, how to pull back, and still be a hard working go-getter.

In 2013 I moved to San Francisco. This city is one I always pinch myself when I am out and about. Yes, I can walk to so many beautiful and historic places in just minutes. Along with moving to the city,
I sold my car and started using my feet more. 

This year I started my own little side business of personal styling. I have always been in to fashion and even started off in fashion classes while in college. I now love shopping for people and helping them feel great.

I became financially independent this year. Although I've always paid for almost everything on my own after college, my parents helped out with my cell phone bill and insurance (since my last job paid me next to nothing). This year I have cut myself off, and made more money than I have before. SF is super pricey, but I even have plenty extra to travel with. 

In 2013 I traveled as much as possible. I went to Belize, Texas, Canada, and London. I love to travel. I learn so much not only about other cultures when traveling, but what I want to incorporate from theirs in to mine. I like to sometimes live like today was your last, what would you do? Where would you go?

This year was also tough at times. We lost my grandfather to cancer in October. My papa was summed up  in one word JOLLY. He was similey, fun, happy, and a fighter. It's been hard seeing a missing plate at the tables during the holidays, but I know he's in a better place without suffering now.
Then the first week of September we lost Anne. Anne has been my second mom since I can remember. Brittany and I have been best friends since kindergarten, so Anne has been around forever. She was the kindest, most caring, smart, and supportive woman I literally have EVER met in my life. Her death has been extremely hard on all of us. I think about her daily, but instead of crying I now am able to smile. Life is so short, I want to make sure I live everyday with a good heart and intentions.

This year has been the year of good girlfriends. I have never been so thankful. I have more girlfriends than ever, and (not to brag) but seriously they all rock. Every friend I have right now brings positivity in to my life. They are all have rock star personalities, great job, are smart, funny, and supportive. They truly have helped me feel sane this year. Our ladies cooking club has officially gone 1 year strong!

Fitness has continued to stay fun. I enjoyed a few photo shoots, working out, cooking, blogging, and this year it's been what comes easy to me. It's who I am. This is the life I lead, and I don't have to fight it. For so long people misunderstood my intentions, my goals, and what I represented. Now, I think people understand what I stand for. I will always try support, coach, and guide people to a happier healthier them. 

2013 has been quite amazing, but I know 2014 will be one for the records. I know I am destined to do big things. Time to get to work. Happy New Year everyone!