My email has already started to blow up. Clients are starting to feel sluggish, stuffed, and not like themselves. Statistics show that the average person gains 2lbs during the holidays.

These last few months may have gotten you off your healthy routine, but it's never too early or late to start back up. January is the most popular time to set new goals.

New Years resolutions are extremely popular. Holidays tend to put stress on people at work (to finish the same amount of work in less time), traveling and not being in your routine, finances sometimes become tight. People tend to eat more and drink more when stressed. 

On January 1st most people set new health and fitness goals, financial goals, relationship goals, and travel goals after spending months under unbearable stress. So what should you do about it?

Take advantage of the popularity, and make your own detailed resolutions. Check in with yourself every day for the first 21 days. It takes about 21 days to create a habit. After that check in every 5 or 10. Don't lose sight of what's important to you.

When you set your resolutions:

-Be Specific: write down detailed instead of broad goals.
-Make sure the goal is Measurable: how will you know when you reached it?
-Make sure the goal is attainable:  can you personally acheive this within the given time?
-be relevant: is it worthwhile? 
-make sure it's time driven: how long are you giving yourself? 

My personal goals:

Fitness goals:
January: and will re-evaluate and alter on feb 1
M: leg day and cardio
T: cardio and yoga
W: body rock 
T: upper body 
F: rest or body rock
S:rest or body rock 
Su: long run yoga 

Run a half marathon in February.

Nutrition goals:
Drink 1 day a week
Sweets 1 day a week
Limit eating out 2 meals a week
Optional: count calories

Blog goals:
By February have a new set up 
Blog 4-6 times a week 
Start advertising more starting in January 
Look in to fashion ads and email for sponsors in February 

Career goals: 
New fun cerification by march 
Get a promotion or recognition for changing policies at work 
January: boot camps with Lindsay on Sunday 

Financial goals:
Start an account in 2 months that I can't touch for 10 years.
Start to look in to investment options and meet with someone in February.

Save to visit 2 places this year I've never been
Visit Brittany in Austin 

Other goals:
Volunteer at least 1x a month
Seek Public speaking opportunities 
Find a community or create one of women (with Lindsay)

I'm still milling mine over, but I'm curious- what are your goals and resolutions?!