This past weekend and beginning of my week has been seriously eye opening. I have had a whole other level of awareness for how lucky I am. My friends and family seriously ROCK. I know some of the most kind, generous, uplifting, and smart women to call friends and family. I also have realized I can learn something from these amazing women EVERYDAY. Even if they are younger, work a different job, are much older, or aren't necessarily friends who have been in my life for very long. They are still important and if I stay open minded, they can help me make positive changes in my life.

When speaking to these women I have to realize. I don't know it all. I am not perfect, and it isn't always my way or the highway. We are all SO different. We come from different places, have had different relationships, and different experiences which mold us in to who we've become. This means we still much to learn about one another and in retrospect...ourselves.

I just wanted to write this quick post to let you know to always be open minded. Maybe you have some aspects in your life you struggle with that your friends can help you change. Sometimes working together, rather than you against the world will help you change or better yet help mold you in to the person you want to become.

Have the best Tuesday.