Here's a great workout to help get your whole body stronger, burn a ton of calories, and lean out.
This workout hits your upper body, lower body, and core. Try it out, and tell me how you feel!

Make sure to warm up 5-15 minutes before the workout. If you have extra energy after you can cool down 5-20 minutes! Enjoy!

- Complete exercise A directly followed by exercise B (this is called a superset). After you complete your first 3 rounds, you can move on to the next bundle of exercises.

Total Body burn

A) Lat pulldown 3 rounds x15 reps

 B) 20x Plank up-downs

A) Sumo Squats 3rounds x15 reps

B)  Leg press 3rounds x15 reps

 A) Walking Lunge 3rounds x40 lunges (20 each leg)

B) 3 rounds x20 box jumps 

 A) Sit-ups 3rounds x30 reps

 B) Mountain Climbers 3rounds x50 reps