When I read this quote today, I had to stop and think about it. It seems like a simple quote, right? In my opinion this is an extremely simple quote that is easier said than done. As I read it my eyes grew wide.

First and foremost what is an opinion?

a : a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter 
b :belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge 
c : a generally held view

Most people know me as opinionated. I am passionate, and form my view on things quite fast. This being said, since I am opinionated I often am cautious of others opinions of me. I have been cautious in the past to a fault. 

First off... why do I care? 

I spent a lot of time milling this question over. I went back and fourth finally convincing myself that, "I don't care". Then a little later I realized that statement was a huge fat lie, because I DO care. I care what people think of me. As should we all... a little bit.

What I've learned is simple. 

Take people's opinions of you, but do not let those opinions define you. Whether good or bad. If someone mentions you are beautiful/smart/sexy that doesn't mean you should define yourself by those statements, but rather acknowledge them and move on. Just like if someone says quite often that you are a "Debbie Downer"; don't let negative statements define you as you may begin to see yourself in that negative light.

How to form a good opinion of yourself:

It's taken me years to truly find my sense of self. It is ever-evolving, and even now I can't say I've 100% found my identity. My opinions change daily. My taste changes, style, mood, energy, and actions. We all change relatively frequently, so make sure you stay in tune with your mind and body. By doing so you can truly find your identity; all others opinions aside. Stay positive, and just keep striving to be the person you aspire be.