Chia pudding is all the rave right now. Not only is it tasty, but it's healthy & is super easy to make! I love it sooo much and make them in bulk. I usually have it in my refrigerator most weeks as my go-to snack or dessert. 

Here's my new favorite recipe:


1 cup almond coconut milk

3 tbsp chia seeds

2 shakes cinnamon

1 shake nutmeg 

1 shake allspice 

1 packet Truvia (or you can use honey/agave)

Fresh fruit (today I went with Blackberries)


1. Put 3 tbsp of chia seeds I n small mason jar or cup that has a lid

2. Pour (while mixing with a spoon) in almond milk.

3. Add spices and stevia & stir with spoon.

4. Put the lid on and vigorously shake (shake it like a Polaroid pictureee🎶)

5. Let this sit for a few hours, I usually let it sit overnight

6. Shake again before opening

7. Top with fresh fruit