I am the first person to admit if I don't have a short term goal & long term goal, I am most likely not where I want to be physically. Hitting your "dream physique" is hard work, and by working out more and eating better THAT MEANS NOTHING. Are your workouts tailored to you actually hitting those goals? Is your diet the best it can be? If you answered no to one or both of these, you need better goals. You need SMART goals


Ie. Thea's Summer SMART Goals

Specific- I want to fit in to my Smallest Lululemon capris and sports bra by August 10th for the Lululemon 1/2 marathon
Measurable- boobs fit in sports bra, pants have no muffin top. Weekly photos will be taken to measure progress.
Attainable- diet will be monitored and workouts monitored weekly to make sure I am on track.
Relevant- goal is important to me, my confidence, and to show my clients I work just as hard to hit my goals.
Time-bound- 2 months away, just taking it day by day

Email me your SMART goals and I will be sure to hold you accountable!!