I always knew that by being on multiple althetic teams it made me a better athlete, nicer person, and better friend/teammate. Working together to reach a goal is an amazing thing, and brings out some really great qualities in people.

Recently, I started personal training small groups on top of my individuals. I am so pleasantly surprised with how much success I've seen in such a short span of time.

Reasons why groups, partners, or teams can help you reach your fitness goals:

1. Accountability: They make sure you get in to the gym often, eat a healthy lunch, and stay to less drinks on the weekend (to name a few). You can also invite one another to do something active on the weekends like cook together, or hike!
2. Pressure:  You never want to let your friends, family, or co-workers down; you work extra hard to make sure you aren't slacking.
3. Fun: It's simply more fun to break a sweat with people you enjoy being around. Group classes are way more fun when you can laugh a bit and still get a killer workout in.
4. Challenge: You can compete a little, and challenge each other with the weights you're lifting or the pace you're going.
5. Someone to tell how sore you are: My friends and I use text, Facebook, and snapchat to tell one another how sore we are. We also chat about how hot the guy next to us was, or how bad someone near us smelled (I am just being real here people).
I personally needed my friend Kate when we decided to do a fitness competition together. It took hours at the gym, hours prepping foods, and lots of time alone. She was so supportive, I look back and don't think I could've done it without my buddy!

Go grab a friend, and get moving!!!