Over the last few years as my passion grew for health & fitness I started aspiring to becoming a fitness model. Although I never in a million years thought this goal was feasible, it stayed in the back of my mind as one of those (it would be cool...if) goals. I did my first fitness competition, and shot a photoshoot with the most amazing photographer Mike Byerly. Since the competition and the shoot I have been focused less on my own goals, and more focused on my clients. I feel amazing and ultra-inspired today, because sometimes you can get what you want without focusing on yourself. By doing good things for people, your hard work is often rewarded. Today I want to thank Peter Salama for this amazing article in World Physique Magazine, I could have only dreamed of this! I am so grateful that my work in the health and fitness world is getting a little pat on the back, sometimes that's all I need to keep up what I am doing! THANK YOU all for reading my blog, and holding me accountible for these posts that I enjoy writing so much!

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