I made a yummy ice cream last weekend, and it was a slam dunk! I wanted to try something refreshing and fruity this time around, and I am even more impressed with the outcome! I was excited to see the abundance of fresh mango and coconut at the market this week, so why not make another recipe using the two! This is absolutely delicious!

1 Organic Mango
1 Organic Coconut (just need the meat, so drink the water or bottle it for a later use)
1 handful of organic raw unsalted cashews
1- 1 1/2 c. Organic Unsweetened almond milk
2-3 packets organic stevia

1. In a blender blend together coconut meat, mango, and almond milk.
2. Add stevia and cashews.
3. Blend until smooth, then pour in to plastic container with lid.
4. Freeze for a few hours.
5. Stir, then freeze again for 30-45 min.
6. Scoop then serve.

Let me know what you think!