Tomorrow, I have decided to start a 30-day challenge. Nothing too crazy. I am just going to eat super-duper clean and work out hard like I regularly do. This means no clean treats, salad dressing, or drinks!
The reason for this is to NATURALLY cleanse and rid my body of toxins. No juice cleanse needed, just some good old clean eats. I feel really good when I eat good, and lately my energy hasn't been as high as I'd like!
This takes me back to meal prepping, Weighing, portioning, and being pretty strict with my eating. Mostly not eating out and spending lots of time grocery shopping/ cooking.
I am not doing this for a competition or any specific reason, but to just feel good about myself and my decisions. I am not encouraging or forcing anyone to do what I do, but for me this keeps me focused on a goal. I shut out the option of eating poorly and making not so healthy decisions. Feel free to join me! My friend Sammie is on board, and if you need the support I am here for you! Keep me posted on your progress, and if you use instagram you can #viathea #30daychallenge!