One of my clients came up to me so upset today. She shared her disappointment in "cheating" over the Easter holiday. She said it is horrible to be on your workout and diet and have a weak moment.
Let's be honest with ourselves. It isn't abnormal to have cheats or weak moments. We are human! The difference between the people who let it get to them and the people who don't is learning how to pick yourself back up.
Here are some tips on how to pick yourself back up the day after after having a bad day.

1. Wake up and drink lots of water.
2. Go on a 15-30 minute walk.
3. Eat a healthy breakfast (try to make sure it's not high carb and it's fresh). My favorites would be a green smoothie, fruit and yogurt, protein shake, banana blended with almond milk peanut butter and ice, egg whites and tons of veggies, or hemp seeds sprinkled on fruit)
4. Make sure to eat every 2.5-3 hours. YES even after a bad day, you need to still regulate food consumption!
5. Throughout the day continue to stick to whole foods, think the closer to earth the better!
6. Stay away from heavy carbs, after a bad day usually people try to barely eat because of guilt. You still need to eat, but it is smart to stay away from dense high carb, and processed or sugary foods!

Hope these tips help you get back on track after a bad day. It's completely normal to fall off the wagon every once in a while, but make sure it doesn't become a habit!

Keep making your health a priority:)

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