Day in and day out people try new diets, go on new plans, and join gyms with the ultimate goal of getting in great shape or get healthier. The truth of the matter is, most people don't follow through with their new goals. People want to get fit for a trip, an event, or to quickly shed a few. It is always nice to have goals like these, but they don't keep you accountable for the long haul.
I challenge you to find YOUR "thing". Search for the thing you would LOVE to do everyday. Maybe that is at the gym ( a weight lifting routine, or spin class, yoga class, swimming pool workout, date with the stair master, etc.). Your "thing" may be something completely different like weekly hiking, surfing, running, cycling, triathlons, or 5k runs. You may not know what gets you pumped up and maybe you need to try a new class like piloxing (pilates boxing), zumba, or cardio barre (ballet with cardio).

Whatever works for you, and gets you excited to try, you need to do! Challenge yourself and do it as much as you'd like!