When you make that final decision to change your life, it is rough! Knowing you are going to constantly struggle to makes huge changes in yourself is extremely hard!
For me, changing my lifestyle is what brings me to seek support. I know when I have bad habits, and when they need to end. When I change these habits, it isn't like they go away overnight! It's something I must think about frequently and spend lots of time changing!
As I am preparing for my fitness competition I have realized I would go crazy without support! Emotional support is what is keeping me together, luckily I have great friends and family! My days are filled with workouts, grocery shopping, cooking, packing meals, eating, working 7 days a week, and each day fitting in a little time to chat with friends or family. You know, they are to thank for my sanity!
Let me not ramble too much, but what you can take away from this is to not be afraid to change. Yes, it's SUPER scary! You can do it, just find your outlet for support:)