Can we agree on this? One thing goes well and a chain of events happen where tons goes well! Or on the opposing side one thing goes wrong, and it's a domino effect of disasterous events? I think I am starting to believe in this.
Personally, I did this to myself. On top of working 2 jobs (7 days a week) I decided to do something for me, and take on competing in a fitness competition! I applied for a job opportunity in the midst of this all, had a few interviews AND got it!!
Now, this is where the title really comes in. It's gunna pour!!!!!!

In the next few weeks I'm going to have to leave 2 jobs, pack and move, start a new job, and continue training long hours for my fitness competiton as well as cook and prep meals!

Bottom line, whether good or bad, you will become overwhelmed in your life. Focus on the important things and don't allow yourself any slip ups. Do the best to your ability and keep on trekkin'!

We can get through the storms and the quakes if we are prepared! Be confident and willing!