I am going to take a second to breathe, take a moment to think/type/express and throw it all out on the table. This might seem a bit raw, but it's the way I like to blog.
Lately, training for this competition has been an eye opener. It takes over big parts of my life. I schedule my days around training, eating, meal prepping, and to be honest I put it before everything! It's consuming, and draining yet at the same time inspiring and uplifting.
This feeling is so difficult to explain. My life has never been so busy! I am moving, working/quitting two jobs, packing, and training ( a TON). I am running errands for my competition and constantly cooking or prepping.
I am realizing doing this is keeping me on track, productive, and helps me feel like I'm doing something.
I could easily be here with free time to kick-the-sh** with my friends drinking beers, but to me that isn't so important.
I feel great right now, and yes although I am pretty tired and worn down, I become inspired by my abilities each day.
Knowing that I have my health and am able to complete the workouts that I do (and kick some major as* while doing them) makes me feel like I lit a fire inside myself. I honeslty think there was no busier time for me to do this competiton but there is also no better time. It is reminding me that if I want something bad enough, or if you want something bad enough YOU CAN DO IT.
I just want you all to know that when the going gets hard for you, keep pushing. You will find your happiness and a sense of self througout the journey!