Bars from the store are so delicios but sometimes I wonder what extra ingredients are put in them that I am unaware of. I decided to make my own raw bar for a change and see how I liked it. It turned out scrumptious!

1 bag Trader Joe's Raw Trek mix ( or any other raw nut mix)
Mojool Dates (to consistancs)

1. In a food processor mix up part of trail mix, slowly add in more and more until processor is 1/2 full.
2. Slowly start adding in dates so the consistency thickens.
3. Once all mixed then repeat the process with other 1/2 of bag of nuts, then slowly adding in dates.
4. Pour mixture on a baking sheet and cover with plastic wrap.
5. Use a spoon (bigger the better) to press down mixture to help make it bind.
5. Eat and repeat:)