Where do I start with this amazing spot? My co-worker and I randomly saw Earthly Juices as we went for Fresh sushi at lunch and decided to walk in. The place wasn't even open, but a nice guy working inside showed us the spot and the amazing menu. Right away I freaked! He told me they made their own almond mylk, and only got local organic fruits and veggies. I was SOLD!
It is located so close to my house, it is like living next to your favorite cafe. I came in a few days later, and was kindly greeted by Ellie and Jen. These ladies own Earthly Juices and are as friendly as can be.
Both ladies are extremely knowledgeable of health, food, and cleansing. Their website shares all the insight and information you may need if you have any questions about making a big change in your lifestyle. I definitely noticed, finding a place like this is rare and soaking it up and smiling is the only think I want to do... BUT I must share it first!
2 day green cleanse:
I bought the 2 day cleanse for $99. Let me tell you It was WELL worth it. This cleanse was the first I have done, because I know so many cleanses have the goal to be LOSE WEIGHT. Well for me, I wanted to overload my body with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients. I decided before competing in a fitness competition (rigorous), I should get in touch with my body and the food I am consuming first. It is time I be a little more mindful of what I eat. Even more than I have been before. It is smart to question your food. Even "healthy" packaged foods may not be so healthy.
This two day cleanse didn't make me starved. I was drinking a little every hour then eating the planned meals at night. I am very happy with my energy levels and feel great.

From juices to smoothies to meals, this place has it all! I have tasted lots, and have yet to be disappointed!

All juices are fresh and made to order. Seasonal organic fruits and veggies are used so you can't go wrong.

Heaven in a cup. I like greens and fruit in mine. I also like to add sunwarrior protein to mine:)

Yam: This is amazing, it is a cooked yam with balsamic. They add garlic, a homemade pesto(to die for).
Kale Wrap: Holy! This is a sandwich made with NO BREAD. Just delicately folded kale filled with the goodness of pesto and tons of veggies!
Earth burger: Geez. Heaven.Portobello mushroom stacked with whatever you want. I got hummus, sprouts, tomato onion, avocado, and their homemade macadamia "mayo". Served with a side kale salad.
Zuchinni noodle salad: Oh my lord. Craving spaghetti, this is the closest thing you will get to it but its 20x healthier. These noodles are ZUCHINNI! Served with sun dried tomatoes and a yummy dressing!
Coleslaw: Red cabbage and an amazing home made dressing, I almost died!

Check this place out, this food is made with love and might make you melt!

check out their website , facebook or twitter

664 El Camino Plaza
Tustin, Ca 92780