I have never been so pumped and excited about life. I see potential in others (patients, clients, and friends) everyday and try to tell people to push themselves to reach their greatest potential. I haven't been following my own advice.
I am so comfortable with my workouts and routine I guess I stopped pushing myself as hard as I should. Well things are changing and I am more motivated than ever to write a new chapter in my life.
I have been wanting to compete in a physique competition for quite a while now but have yet to commit. After a few years of researching competition diets and workouts I have learned a lot about myself through trial and error. Now I want something new, vibrant, and a goal. A BIG goal.
I am super excited to compete in a competition! I just need a few things... I have an absolutely amazing coach who I have connected with and trust! I have support from my friends and family! I have the drive, work ethic, and willpower I think it will take. BUT I do not have one VERY important factor!
Yeah working seven days a week still leaves me broke. Never thought after graduating college I would struggle like this!
The total cost of competing looks like it's going to be about $2000! I mean it's a big commitment! I have all but one thing I need:( if anyone would be willing to donate I would appreciate it so greatly! I hate to ask, but in this case I truly need help! Please let me know if you can donate, also if you can share this with your friends, family, co-workers, etc.

Thanks so much for following my blog and supporting me.

I'll continue to keep you all posted!