Man! This whole not eating meat thing was kind of fun! Not only do I feel energized, but I have been forced to get creative with my meals! Trying new things is always fun for me:) The reason I decided to cut out meat, dairy, and animal products for a bit was to see how my body reacts to taking out all processed foods and foods that are harder on the stomach to digest (animal products). I have been living on the herbivore (vegetarian/vegan) diet for about a month now. I wanted to see if I could sustain good high intensity workouts on this sort of diet, which I could.
As my fitness competition approaches I have decided to go to an organic omnivore diet. It will be balanced and a written out diet from my coach, so I can not legally share it with you BUT I can share that it will have animal products once again.
I am enjoying this trial and error on myself, I will be able to see how my body reacts to these diets mentally and physically. My stomach isn't usually too sensitive, but we will see how it reacts to reintroducing these animal products.

Its your turn: What kind of diet do you choose to be on? Vegan ( no animal products), vegetarian (no animal meats) pescatarian ( no animal meats, just fish), organic and local eater, meat eater? I'd love to hear your story!

Via Thea