I am being introduced to the BEST food around lately! I tried Artisana coconut butter, cacao bliss, almond butter, and cashew butter last month after seeing it at Whole Foods Market.
Now that I have A TON MORE of their stuff, I get to try it ALL! This stuff is absolutely amazing, so let me tell you a little about it and why I think it's a good idea you go get yourself some to try!
This company is based out of Oakland, CA (right around the street from where I grew up)! This company is one of the FEW that truly care about the QUALITY as well as taste of their product! This stuff is made RAW, ORGANIC, FRESH, GLUTEN-FREE, & PEANUT-FREE! The butters are made fresh and even bought by ORGANIC farmers! HOW AWESOME IS THIS?
Ok I might seem like a total nerd, but remember I always think of how each purchase I make I am voting. If you are buying quality food that is organic and made fresh there is no reason to ever go back to buying junk with tons of added ingredients I would like to think as ENEMIES like high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogentated oils, and sugar!
Now the important stuff:
How do I eat this stuff?
I reccomend trying these...
1: Artisana almond butter with some Artisana Coconut Butter topped on your favorite toast.
2: A smoothie with any Artisana Nut Butter, like the Artisana Pecan Butter, some almond milk, maybe some raw protein, and a banana
3: A piece of fruit topped with Artisana Walnut Butter
4: A whole wheat tortilla with Artisana Cashew Butter and a banana rolled up!
5: Or cook your veggies and saute them with Artisana Coconut Oil
6: For dessert just eat the Artisana Cacao Bliss straight out of the tube! NOM NOM NOM :)

Now go to your local health food store and STOCK UP!
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