There are some simple tricks of the trade when goal setting that I follow. I hope these SERIOUSLY simple tips help you get SERIOUS about setting and reaching your goals!
1.Set both long term and short term goals. Your short term should set you up to be successful in your long term.
Short term: ie. I will run sprints 2 days a week. I will allow myself to drink 2 glasses of wine this week. Or I will have dessert only once this week. Or I will go to the gym 5 times this week. Long term: ie. I will get a personal best next month in my 3 mile run. I will run a marathon in 6 months.
2. Every day remind yourself of your goals, and before you make choices or decisions think of how they will affect your goal.
3. Don't put yourself in situations that will distract you from your goal.
4. Make your schedule and prepare your day around your goals to make sure you stay focused. This includes planning for a day when you don't think about your goal and you relax!!!
5. Once you reach your goal, don't think it's all over. Plan a new one short after to keep yourself motivated.