Happy Monday all! I know Mondays are usually everyones most dreadful day, not only does it mean back to work or school, but it means getting back on track with your normal routine. I personally like Mondays because I am always pretty motivated after sometimes relaxing and not being as tight on my diet.
Last night I decided to plan for a successful week by going to the store and stocking my fridge with healthy food choices. Then I decided to take it a step further and truly plan for a slip-up-free week. I packed all my snacks and lunches for the week. I precooked and packaged my food so when I wake up in the morning I made my breakfast and my 1st snack, lunch, and 2nd snack are packed right in my cooler. By doing this it not only saves me money at lunch, it helps me eat more frequently which helps regulate my blood sugar and not have huge spikes throughout the day. I also have found that I am less likely to give in to temptation when my meals are near. For example, someone brought cupcakes in to my work and instead of indulging I knew I had yummy snacks right there in my bag that I would much rather fill up on and fuel my day with. I don't have to stress about trying to hunt on my lunch break for something healthy when I have my cooler!
Try it out this week, pack your snacks and lunches! It saves time, money, and for me helps me work towards the flat stomach I want.