Over the last few years I realized you need to take responsibility for your actions. To some that comes easy, but to others it seems quite difficult. Personally, when I am motivated there is no stopping me. Something I do notice is when I make sure I am checking in with someone and venting I am able to keep moving forward.
If you are having trouble overeating.
If you are havin trouble choosing the right foods to eat.
If you aren't getting to the gym enough.
If your not doing something as simple as drinking enough water, ASK A FRIEND FOR HELP.

Good friends are there when you need them! Try setting goals for yourself and check in with your pals either weekly or daily to see how you're doing.
My roommate and I set goals for ourselves and eachother and we have all intentions on making sure one another are on track. I think this is great, because I am being held accountable for my decisions and it is only helping me make better choices.

Something as simple as setting a goal to drink more water. Have that pal text you as a reminder every now and then to keep you in check!

Pick your partner wisely and let them know how much it would mean to you! I think roommates are great options, a good friend, a co-worker, or even a random person you look up to. If you need a partner MESSAGE me! I would be flattered to be yours;)