I have never walked in to a party, and not been nervous to see what my food choices were. I went to an absolutely stunning birthday party last weekend for my amazing friend Kate. She planned the most spectacular party that was quaint and decorated stunningly.
The party was held at Kate's mom Elise and step dad Ben's home in Huntington Beach. I walked in and it was full with amazingly welcoming people. I noticed everyone was sipping on a glass of wine, glass of champagne, or Local Beer while mingling.

There was an amazing vegetable plate with a homemade hummus dip that Kate made without oil or tahini! She said it was garbonzo and bell pepper based! There was also an assortment of cheeses with yummy little crackers and Kate's out of this world homemade bruschetta!

I snuck in to the kitchen to see what was going on and I saw Elise making the most beautiful fresh and colorful salad. This salad was filled with goodness! There was avocado, and an array of grapefruit! This salad tastes so flavorful without having to add any oil or dressings.

The next thing I saw smelled was amazing chicken! This was the most beautiful platter, definitely made with love. The chicken was baked with olives, apricot, and dates which gave it the juiciest melt in your mouth flavor.

I was enjoying myself so much looking around at all the goodness I forgot that we were actually going to sit down and enjoy this amazing meal with amazing people. I filled my plate! I grabbed some grapefruit salad, chicken, farro (that needs to be mentioned!), and a sauteed green bean mushroom side. I got a glass of chardonnay and sat down at the most beautifully decorated table. Kate executed this party like it was meant for a movie. We ate, drank, chatted, and enjoyed the amazing company.

The icing on the cake (no pun intended) was the way dinner was finished! After hearing some tear jerking toasts, two extravagant cakes sparkled their way towards the head of the table. Kate with a huge smile on her face made a wish and blew out the candles on these masterpieces. She made two clean eating cakes. I tried both! One was a pear spice cake, and the other a berry delicious cake. They were both made with wheat flour, xyitol as a natural sweetener, egg whites, and frosted with 1. greek yogurt topping 2. fat free cream cheese topping. I, along with everyone else was so impressed with the moisture and flavors of these cakes, no one knew they were healthy.

At the end of the night, I looked back on what was one of the most amazing parties I have ever attended. The people so warm and welcoming, and the food so delicious and healthy there is no reason to want anything else. I am now so inspired to cook clean for my friends, after seeing how many people enjoyed this tasteful dinner.

Kate, thank you so much for letting me be a part of such an amazing night! Happy 23rd birthday beautiful.