The last few days have, to put it short and sweet, sucked! I have been under the weather for quite a few days and feeling this crappy really made me realize how good it feels to be healthy! I haven't been sick in a good 3-4 years and man does it stink!
The reason for this post is to point out how many of us wait until we hit the bottom that makes us realize what we want ( usually wanting to be at the top). Often times people wait until they are fat to change their eating habits and exercise routines. In our culture many even wait to stop drinking until they have already puked. We wait to tone our abs when spring comes and summer is around the corner. My point is, being healthy isn't a waiting game then a spurt of diet and exercise! Being healthy is a lifestyle you try to adopt. Mostly eating right and exercising regularly, and little spurts of chocolate cake and wine. NOT the other way around.
I work at a clinic where people come in hurt daily. There are some who see this as a life changer and become super motivated, there are some who sit and feel sorry for themselves! Don't feel sorry for yourself! Get out there and take control of your healthy life!!!