Holy crap! Pardon me, but I think I outdid myself again!!!!! Serious, holy, no joke, heaven, party in my mouth, drooling, crying because this is so delicious!!!!!!

No time to waste, heres it is!


2 c. Dark chocolate chips
1 c. Gluten free wheat rice crispy treats
1 c. Crunchy organic peanut butter
1/2 c. Stevia

1. Boil water on medium heat in big pot.
2. Use smaller pot and place in bigger pot.
3. Put dark chocolate chips in small pot and stir on LOW heat.

4. In a separate small bowl mix peanut butter and stevia.
5. Fold in rice crispy treats.

6. Using cupcake liners small or big(I found heart shaped ones) paint on melted chocolate to completely cover liners.

7. Place in freezer until dried.

8. Pull out of freezer and spoon in peanut butter mixture.

9. Cover with more melted dark chocolate then place in freezer.

10. Once dried then pop out of cupcake liners and clean the edges.

11. Time to eat and or wrap up to gift your valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!