Thursday is the hardest day of the week for me. I consider it my hump day! Thursday is the day the gym becomes a little bare and peoples Motivation Monday dillutes in to a Thirsty Thursday. It is hard to get moving after a long week, but after activity Thursdays can turn in to Toned Tush Thursday!
Do yoga, spin, zumba, hike, walk, bike, strength train, run, swim, play a sport, jump rope, do squats and lunges in your living room! NO EXCUSES. Today is the best day to get motivated, keep motivated, and make the healthy changes you want to make your life the best:)

Tone That Tush Thursday

Start on the stairmaster to warm up for 15 minutes

Repeat 15 repetitions of these exercises 3 times!
1. Squat with dumbbells (holding dumbbells by your side squat down keeping your knees aligned with your ankle, come up, repeat)
2. Deadlift with dumbbells (holding dumbbells in front of you bend over reaching toward your toes. Keep good posture and chest up. Slight bend in your knee and when you come up squeeze your hamstrings and glutes, repeat)
3. Back lunges with dumbbells (holding dumbbells by your sides step back with one foot in to a lunge position, come back with feet together then lunge with other leg)
4. Bridges ( lay on mat with feet on ball, squeeze glutes and hamstrings to raise hips off floor hold for 3 seconds then repeat)
5. Pop squat (jump down in to squat position then jump up to standing with feet together)

Finish on the stairmaster for 15 minutes.

Tip: Keep the weight in your heels when pushing off each step on the stairmaster.

My alarm is going off! Time to get my tush moving;)