Making a list and getting to the store is always a priority for my week. I LOVE grocery shopping and tend go frequently throughout the week. I love splurging on the freshest seasonal foods. I feel like I am seriously spoiling myself, but I realized it is cheaper to go to the grocery store/ market/ or farmers market in comparison to eating out. I eat 5-6 meals a day and spend less than my friends who eat 3 meals. I also have more energy and feel great about myself. The result of my grocery trips make me a happier person, so I’M STICKING TO IT!
Where to shop:
Sprouts and Henry’s markets are popping up all over the place! I LOVE buying things in bulk here! I buy most of my nuts, oatmeal, flours, beans, nut butters, bread, fish, meats, yogurt, etc.
Whole Foods: I love shopping here, but in all honesty it is EASY to spend too much money here. Everything is delicious and the best quality. The reason things are so pricey is because most things are local, organic, and fresh. They carry a lot of specialty shipped foods which you can’t get elsewhere SO it is actually worth you spending extra dough. Most items that Whole Foods has which are carried in other markets are surprisingly are priced equal or similar. They don’t rack up prices unless it is a specialty item. My favorite things to get here are freshly ground nut butters, homemade hummus, Ezekiel breads, fresh squeezed juice, fresh organic fish, and sometimes a little splurge on goods in the salad bar.
Costco: I hate the big crowd at Costco, but it is a big deal if you know how to shop. The cost is usually worth the long lines. I buy in bulk things like 60 eggs, chicken breast, salmon, apples for the house, and sometimes other quick needs. I recommend going once a month.
Ralph’s: My bi or tri-weekly grocery haul usually involves a stop at Ralph’s. The prices on eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, spices, and frozen veggies are hard to beat. If you have a little extra time to stop here I think it is worth it to save you some cash.

If you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle I would recommend starting with your fridge. Get up and moving to the market. Stock up on seasonal veggies and lean proteins. Shop on the perimeter of your store, as most of the best and freshest foods are stored there. Try to buy less things in boxes, and more foods in a fresh natural state. I promise by simply changing your diet you will feel more energized and empowered to continue your new habits.

Stay healthy, stay happyJ