I noticed recently, I NEED TO SET GOALS. Yes, yes we have all heard it and tried it. BUT who sticks with it? It isn't realistic to set huge goals, because more often then not we won't achieve them which will just make us feel down and like we've failed. Goals are not easy to make. You always want one realistic, but at the same time something you have to work for.
In my opinion you must start your goal setting off with a big goal.

Some examples of BIG goals:
Be rich
Sleep more
Eat better
Workout more
Make smarter choices
Study more
Call friends more
Lose weight
Reserve more "me time:
Write a book

From here on you need to set smaller goals in order to reach a big goal. For example if your goal is to eat better: Start off by making a goal that you want to increase your vegetable intake this week and not eat fast food. From there you can make another little goal, I will cook and pack all my meals for the next week. Another, I will cut out soda and or alcohol this week etc. The more you slowly start reaching your small goals, the more more comfortable this new lifestyle comes to you.
If money saving is your goal then each week put away a certain percent of your pay check. The more you work, the more you save. The closer to you are to having a bigger bank account. Another way is making a small goal of cutting out expenses that aren't necessary. For me, I sometimes cut out buying a cup of coffee or retail shopping.
With goal setting, other things play a factor. Once you start reaching small goals, the more you feel like your big goal is attainable. At this point MOTIVATION has begun, and it is a crazy thing. Nothing, I mean nothing will get in your way.
My point is, Rome wasn't built in a day. It took hours of hard labor and focus, but if you keep your eye on the prize or goal you will reach it!