Eating out this weekend? Opt for a healthy restaurant that you can try new yummy meals at! I have been exploring orange county and keepin' a lookout on truly healthy places ( no more low calorie meals with fake stuff for you guys). We want lots of real fresh yummy food right!

Veggie grill:
In my eyes Veggie gill is a healthier panera bread and just as convenient! My fave is the "all hail kale salad" with grilled tempeh and if you want a little extra treat get yourself a small side of sweet potato fries. The great thing about these fries is that they aren't deep fried but simply flash fried in canola oil. The ketchup is even organic and has no added sugar and is instead sweetened naturally with organic agave syrup. Check it out yourself!

This restaurant has the cutest home town feel, I feel so comfy when I visit. I get their salads and they are HUGE, filled with veggies! I like the shrimp and avocado salad with no cheese. The Thai chicken salad with no crunchy noodles is also amazing. Ruta's even carries stevia to sweeten your iced tea or coffee! The homemade vegetable soups are so fresh and flavorful I love them. This place is amazing and definitely rexxomed it I'd you want to eat healthy and still go out!

Native foods:
 OH MY GOSH! New discovery! Native foods is DELICIOUS! New obsession for sure! I have been introduced to the Aztec salad and asked for added grilled tempeh! Wowzaaaa! My mom ordered the soup of the day and it was also amazing, she got the watermelon fresca which is a drink with fresh watermelon, mint, and a little agave! Super refreshing on a hot day! I can't wait to try more things on this menu! This place also had NON DEEP FRIED sweet potato fries with an amazing mayo-free creamy chiptole dipping sauce! Another thing I would like to mention (which is very important to me) is how amazing their customer service was. I was sincerely impressed and when me and my roommates came (indecisive as always) they were helpful and patient! Cudos to the workers;)

Seasons 52:
On the more high end side of te ealthy dining I've tried would have to be Seasons 52! This is an amazing restaurant that orders the best quality, organic, and healthy ingredients to mix up on their menu. The menu changes frequently and each day has seasonal specials the chef prepares fresh. The experience is a little more pricey but is DEFINITELY worth it! Everything on the menu is under 450 calories! Guilt free!!!!!!!!!! Nothing better than the feeling of enjoyig a delicios meal our and not feelig like you are taking steps backwards! I suggest the salmon salad! My brother got the filet mignon which was amazing as well! Celebrate a night out and do it right! Seasons is the place to be;)

True Food Kitchen:
This place is OUTSTANDING. Seriously delicious food. I am stunned with how good True Food can make healthy food taste so decadent and delicious. There isn't one appetizer, main course, or beverage I didn't like. This place is a must try!