Ladies and gents, it is time to start working out our back properly! Although many ignore working the back muscles out regularly, they are VERY important! They help with posture, and are used in nearly every activity we do each day. By building muscle in your back you give your body that V look which for both men and women is desired. It gives off the look of a smaller waist. Here is a back workout I enjoy doing, try it out and see how it goes.
Remember: keep good posture the whole time. Stretch all the way up. Try to not use your biceps and forearms.

3x12 Pull-ups (can use assisted pull up machine)
3x12/arm Dumbbell row (each arm)
3x12 Lat pulldown
3x12 Cable Reverse fly
3x12 Seated row
3x20 Back extensions

Now go workout, get sore, eat clean, and build muscle:)