Here's another shoulder workout to try:)
Remember to always switch up your routine-we want to keep shocking our body to see results.

4X8 Shoulder Press (I used 27.5lb dumbbells)
4x12 Upright row (I used 35lb barbell)
4x12 Lateral raises (I used 10lb dumbbells)
2X12-2X10 Rear Delt Flyes (70lb) Superset with...
SS- 4x12 Plate raises (25 lb plate)
4x6 each arm Arnold press (22.5 lb dummbell) Superset with..
SS- 4x50 palms faced up and squeeze to have them faced down (like you're pouring water)

HIIT: Incline:1
5 Min warm-up level 5
45 sec. level 12
2min 15sec level 5

This should make ya sweat!