Healthy travels
When traveling for a full day it is important to eat right. Most
likely if it is an all day trip, there will be a lack of activity in
your day. When sitting for long periods of time you aren't burning
many calories that you typically do on a daily basis (activities such
as grocery shopping,walking the dog, walking to your car even). It is
hard to find healthy options when at airports (& the snacks are
expensive!!!) and even at gas stations or truck stops.
I wanted to make sure I had healthy options for my trip, so I planned
for it!
Before I left my house at 6am I had everything pcked and ready to go.
In the car I snacked on a small fage 0% fat Greek yogurt mixed with
cinnamon and a spoonful of natural peanut butter and a fuji apple.
On the plane I had packed a banana and almonds.
I also packed a scoop of protein powder and 1/2 c oats in a small
baggie and brought a plastic spoon and asked the flight attendant
politely to add some hot water.
Besides the fact that I feel I made great eating choices that I am not
an ounce feeling guitly about, I also saved myself some BIG $$$$ by
packing these simple options.
NOW: While in NY I treated myself to "treat meals" because I haven't let go for a while.. BUT I am back on track!

The ride home was healthy and after a week of not-as-healthy food choices, it felt great to eat clean again.
I woke up, ate egg whites, with oatmeal and berries. Packed a snack of rice cakes,nuts, and cut up fruit. Me and maggie had little wheat tortillas wrapped with black beans and a small kale salad. In the car we had one half of a clean curry chicken wrap with grapes and cashews mixed in and a side watermelon, strawberry salad. 3 hours later we ate the other half of our wraps her aunt made for us and more of the salad. It was delicious, and we proved to ourselves by planning you can set yourself up for success!
Plan for success, and i believe you won't fail;)