I love changing up my workouts between circuits, different types of cardio, old school strength training, even crossfit style workouts. I do so to keep my body from becoming too familiar with one style and hitting a plateau. Today, I decided to get my cardio and leg workout in at the same time. This workout isn't too long, but let me tell you it is NOT EASY (In a pool of sweat afterward). Plyometric workouts are AMAZING for power development, burning calories, increase your jumping ability, and sprint performance!

I used an 18' box- (boys if this is too easy use 24' OR MORE:D)

Warm up: Jump rope 500
(Do each circuit of exercises back to back then take 1 min rest and start again.)
Circuit 1:
4x12 Box jumps (up and down as fast as possible then immediately...
4x12 jumping alternating lunges (then immediately perform..
100 jump rope

Circuit 2:
4x12 Alternating jumping step-up (jump up with power and switch legs in the air...
4x12 1 leg side lateral jumps (skaters)
100 jump rope

Circuit 3:
4x12 Depth Jump into a squat jump w/ hamstring curl in the air then immediately..
4x12 each leg 1 leg deadlift (I used 15lb dumbbells)..
100 jump rope

Circuit 4:
4x12 Alternating Box step-ups (I used 15lb)
4x12 Each leg- 1 leg squats- standing on box (touch foot to floor and back up)
100 jumping jacks

Finished with
4x 20 double jump ropes

This can be a bit confusing so you can email or Facebook me to if you would like me to explain things more in depth (if you get confused)